The factory is situated in 6 acre land in Edathala Panchayat in Aluva near Kochi. The area has good connectivity with Seaport and the National Highway. We make sure that our product meet the standards and exceed customer expectations. In order to ensure the same, we have equipped our factory and laboratory with the most modern equipments. Hereby we meet the quality and the standards required by our customers.

The factory houses an adept network of highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art machinery for the precise implementation of processing. The machinery comprises of Slab Cutter, Twin-Screw Pre-Breakers, Hammer Mills, 18" Dual Drive Creepers, Shredders, Crumb Filling Station, Hot Air Single Layer Drier, Twin Chamber Hydraulic Press, Metal Detector, Automated PLC controlled Packaging Line , Biomass Gasifier etc. These facilities enables us to manufacture 9000 MT of ISNR per annum.

Material Handling

The factory has installed mechanized material handling systems like Fork Lifts, Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Crumb Filling Station etc for maintaining high processing standards. Storage facilities like Metal Crates are used for safe storage of Finished Goods.


Stringent testing as per norms is carried out to ensure that production meets various parameters. Our Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art imported testing equipments like Wallace Plastimeter, MRPRA Ageing Oven and Mooney Viscometer.

Effluent Treatment

Affirming its commitment to safe environment management, the factory has a tertiary water treatment facility which includes Parallel Plate Seperators, Aerators, Clarifiers, Bio Towers, Sand Filters etc. designed by the experts in the industry.

Renewable Energy

As part of green initiatives, the company has installed Biomass Gasifier for its heat energy requirements and also uses the same for Cogeneration of electricity.