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Producers of Technically Specified Natural Rubber

An ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED manufacturer of ISNR ( Grades ). The company is a preferred supplier to tyre manufacturing as well as Non-tyre Rubber products manufacturing sector.Our main customers include, MRF,APPOLO,BRIDGESTONE,BIRLA,TVS SRICHAKRA,BKT HARTEX,SEMPERTRANS J.K FENNER etc.


Used for general purpose moulded and extruded products, components of passenger vehicles, engine mountings, sealing rings, cushion ...
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Used for puncture patches for tyres, inner tubes, cushion gums stocks, joint rings by injection moulding, raincoat proofing, nicro-cellular...
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Used mostly for tyres, cushion gum stock, bicycle tyres, raincoat proofing micro-cellular sheets for upholstery and packing, conveyor...
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About eplrubber

Technically Specified Natural Rubber(TSR) or ISNR as is named in India is a commodity with standard specifications. However,we at Edathala Polymers Pvt Ltd, having experience in the industry for more than 2 decades have succeeded in providing customized solutions to our customers in various fields of application from Tyres to Footwear to Medical Accessories. It is by understanding the processing conditions of the customers and their product requirements, we tune the Material Specifications of our rubber. Consistency in technical properties in all supplies is an important criterion for the product manufacturing industry.

Further, we incorporated specific customer requirements of packaging, labeling and shelf life to differentiate our products from competitors. This has enabled the company to create a loyal customer base in the General Rubber Goods (GRG) manufacturing sector for brand 'eplrubber'.