ISNR 3CV High quality products with superior dynamic properties. Tyres, Injection Bottle Caps, Adhesives. Produced from good quality Field Latex and Viscosity stabilized within a narrow range
ISNR 3L Transparent Rubber Products, Injection Bottle Caps, Syringe Heads, Large Industrial Rollers, Aero Tyros, Hot Water Bottles, Adhesive Solutions, Sports Footwear, Tennis Balls Produced from good quality Field Latex
ISNR 5 Moulded and Extruded products like Auto components, Engine Mountings, Bridge Bearings, Rubber Linings, Conveyor Belts, Tubes, Engine Mountings, Tank Linking, Brake Seals, Hoses Produced from field latex or high quality field coagulum.
ISNR 10 Cushion Gum Stocks, Joint Rings by Injection Molding, Raincoat Proofing, Micro Cellular Sheets for Upholstery and Packing, Conveyer Belts, Footwear, Tyre Tread Materials, Cycle Tubes. Produced from high quality field coagulum.
ISNR 20 All types of Automotive Tyres and Re treading Material, Bicycle Tyres, Raincoat Proofing, Micro Cellular Sheets for Upholstery and Packing, Conveyor Belts, Footwear, Mats Tailor made grade of rubber, produced from quality field coagulum.
ISNR 50 Hand Made Hose, Footwear, Mats. Made from quality field coagulum.


With the consuming industry moving towards Technical Standards for processing such as TS specifications, and now to IATF, there came an inevitable need to standardize the raw material processing methods. As a result the consuming industry has begun to prefer Block Rubber which as its name suggest is Technically Specified Natural Rubber having specifications & parameters that can be test in the laboratory and having consistency in the same unlike sheet rubber (RSS Grades)

Refer below for the RSS equivalent grades of ISNR and their applications

Conventional Grades of RSS
Manufacturing Application
Equivalent ISNR (TSR) grades (which could replace conventional grades
RSS - 1X Aero tyres ISNR - 3L
PLC - 1X Injection bottle caps etc. ISNR - 3CV
RSS - 1 Tubes (NR) ISNR - 5
PLC Food Conveyer Belts etc. ISNR - 5
RSS - 2 Extruded hoses, Quality Footwear items ISNR - 10
RSS - 3, RSS - 4 Tyres & Tubes, Tread Carcass, Off road tyres & ADV tyres, Extruded hoses, Footwear ISNR - 10, ISNR - 20
RSS - 5 Cheap items, hand - made hoses ISNR - 50
EBC Cycle tyres, Footwear etc. ISNR - 50
Technically Specified Crepe Rubber Medical, Engineering, Retreading, Automobile and Footwear ISNR - 5 & ISNR - 3