There are several aspects characterizing EPL’s competitive strategy in its products. First, the co-cultivated and maintained close links with major estates and co-operative societies producing good quality natural rubber Cup Lumps. These relationships ensured consistent supply of good quality raw material. Secondly, the company’s customer focused strategy emphasized on customer satisfaction. The company pays very careful attention to customer and user needs.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being responsive to customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction is the first of our core values. We make 100% customer satisfaction our overriding priority. We continue to maintain highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry , with 100 % of our customers ready to buy from us again. We have achieved such success because our products and services deliver what our customers want. Our values of ‘professional courtesy” and ‘bias for action’ ensure that within our company we strive to solve customer satisfaction needs with high efficiency and speed of response, coupled with high levels of mutual respect among our employees no matter what the situation.

We develop employees who understand our philosophy: a strategy to engage people more and more in the business, to encourage ideas, and put their ideas to work. By investing in training and actively involving our employees, we have developed some creative ways to eliminate waste, identify and fix quality problems, and standardize tasks for continuous improvement.