Product Grades

We manufacture Technically Specified Natural Rubber (TSR), from Off grade Sheet and Field Coagulum (Cup Lumps and Tree Lace) through the Wet & Dry process. Natural Rubber (NR) is processed into blocks and is named Block Rubber. In India, block rubbers are to be marketed with ISI (Indian Standards Institution) specifications and therefore, this rubber is termed as Indian Standard Natural Rubber (ISNR).

Our product range includes;

  • ISNR 5 (from Latex Coagulum, Undried Sheets)
  • ISNR 10 (from Latex Coagulum, Cuplumps)
  • ISNR 20 (Field Coagulum)

Apart from normal TSR (BIS Standards), we also produce Tyre Grade TSR with better parameter in each grade. These standards are applied to natural rubber processed in block form (crumb)from latex and field grade materials such as cuplump, coagulam, treelace.


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Used for puncture patches for tyres, inner tubes, cushion gums stocks, joint rings by injection moulding, raincoat proofing, micro-cellular sheets for upholstery and packing, conveyor belts and footwear.
  • Processed from sheet & field coagulam.
  • Quality equivalent to RSS - 4 grade
  • Consistency in specifications of Physical & Chemical properties
  • Low mastication time and savings in power compared to RSS
  • Packed as 25 Kg bales and Wrapped in LDPE bags.


Natural rubber in block form (crumb) is pressed into bales of rectangular shape with weight and dimensions specified as after 700mm x 360mm x 140mm and weight 25 kg or 35 kg or 33.33 kg +-0.5%